Simple Things ft. Jared Ming and Pay Sisneros

by Quotes

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Verse 1 (Quotes)

I've spent every day of my life working hard/ So it's 'bout time I start to outshine every star/ I just wanna live the life that I've dreamed about, so bars are all I ever think about like I'm fighting a charge/ Too quick for a second place finish/ I'm Ali when I'm rhyming, you're featherweight spittin'/ You always stepping out of line, you're never straight with it/ And I'm shining solely off my skills, never fake gimmicks/ I'm that dude who's rapping hotter than a pot of brewed coffee/ That's the same reason why they're never sleeping on me/ All I need is one shot, I'm not trying to get sloppy/ Once I take off who the hell is gonna stop me, huh?/ Nobody's the correct response/ My whole life's felt just like a restaurant/ We started eating way before the checks came, F what the rest say and let them talk/

Chorus (Jared Ming)

I don't wanna wake up one day wishing that I would've done more/
So I grind every day, trying to get paid as I wait for what's in store/
I just stay working, I know I'm not perfect dawg/
But I'm always out working hard, trying to make it worth it all/
I know I was meant for more than simple things/
So with every waking moment I'mma live my dreams/
Yeah, I just hope it's worth it all/ I just hope it's worth it all/
I know I was meant for more than simple things/
So with every waking moment I'mma live my dreams/

Verse 2 (Quotes)

The whole world's been watching me since/ My number got called like hot broads or lottery picks/ I know you haters gotta be sick, seeing me blow up/ If you need to you can throw up, just mop it up quick/ I'm way better than a lot of you pricks/ If you disagree, kiss the ring and swallow a dick/ My track's keep dropping like bottomless pits/ To remind you who the king of my metropolis is/ I'm sick of rappers and their cheap facades/ Real lyrics have been disappearing and I'm just trying to beat the odds/ You're gonna need a job/ After I take over like Jigga did back when he had beef with Nas/ I'm a ill spitter who's never taken a sick day/ Cus when you're on a pedestal your every move's displayed/most cats would sell their souls just to get paid/ But I'll never get played just to get my shit played, nah/


Verse 3 (Pay Sisneros)

Gotta quit living in my dreams but reality/ Is telling me now how to be I'm thinking of a different scheme/ Wouldn't choose a different team, the dude from the Philippines/ Quotes, Christopher Lee and Hex been spinning things/ Pay Sisneros ho, been killing beats/ Serving sentences and these bars imprison me/ They said I couldn't rap and I sounded like crap then I played it all back and they're like are you shitting me?/ Like nah, this real life/ Working 9-5 with my foreman grilling me/ I think he wants beef, called the pork I've been stealing things/ Gotta scrap now, early mornings are hell to me/ Gonna hit the lotto for 40 mil this week/ And no green in my jeans I'm bout to smoke a lil weed/ I can't be slangin', gonna be dealing beats/ I'm up all night man, I can't afford to go to sleep cus/



released October 29, 2015
Prod. by Sunnie Beats
Lyrics written by James Miller and David Pavelka



all rights reserved


Quotes Denver, Colorado

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